Standing Against Evil in Oneness

Many of us are watching recent world news headlines with some degree of horror. What is happening in Europe right now is a strong example of that and there needs to be a sane, consistent, and unified response to that very definite threat. Yet, when I sit back and seriously consider the patterns of humanity, I am astounded by the repeatedly disturbing behaviors of our species. We often see the plans of madmen forming destructive forces to grab what they want from others. History has shown us that bullies, corrupt political power figures, and certain well-funded organizational structures use acts of evil to take resources, power, and even innocent lives for the purpose of fulfilling insane egoic desires. This happens at home and abroad.

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At most times in our brief history, there is evidence of evidence of wars, slaughter, and sheer destruction. Often, it is not in our backyard. In fact, it may be occurring in a place where people and cultures look very different from our own. It may be a place that we are not planning to visit. We might have definite stereotypes about life in this locale. It may seem so far away and so separate from us. This can make it seem as though this does not have to be a concern of ours. But it should be. We need to care enough to insist that ignorance, greed, and power are not reasons to allow this to continue to happen to others, anywhere.

All too often, much of humankind has looked the other way in the face of insane threats and actions. The reasons for this may be many. We might have even wondered how others (or even ourselves) have acted with indifference or ignorance as certain events unfolded. Some of us might claim no awareness or need for action to stop the spread of evils occurring elsewhere. We might be fearful and want to avoid that which could put us in the path of danger. We might have found ways or hoped to benefit through financial profits or positions of power. Or we might simply be in denial and not want to face what we fear.

The time is always right to do what is right.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

It is time to face the pattern created by those who would take everything for themselves. This is a time when we must find and show strength by coming together for good and righteousness in Oneness. The strength available to us is not that of more wars to counter the malefic power that is being expressed through violence. In fact, this type of power is one that could result in total destruction of humanity. Instead, we must stand up to the wrongdoing with forces that we have not fully recognized or utilized in our human history.

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It is time for humanity to own a collective responsibility for what can occur. We may not know anything about the people or cultures of others. It might seem that we have no responsibility for what is happening across the globe. But we do have a very important part to play in the lives and safety of others when it comes down to what we will allow. Even if we feel powerless or uneducated about foreign places, we can become forces of good for our world, our communities, and for the men, women, and children that need our help. An awareness of our Oneness and the steps we take to help matter.

The arsenals of good contain possibilities for each of us to find our own ways to project and protect with goodness as one family. We are being called upon to speak truth to one another about what we see happening. It is time to consider our brothers and sisters in their plight in the direct path of the darkness that would use them to begin an unrelenting march to conquering good in the world. This might sound hyperbolic to you but consider where this could take us if it is allowed.

What Can We Do?

Each of us can use our voice to call for a collective awakening. We can demand that leaders take positive steps to act in unity to halt the march of madness that has been acceptable. We can require leaders to act in unity to act in unity for the good of all people, all countries. We can use our collective spending power to raise the awareness and consciousness of governments and corporations to move from prioritizing greed and increased profits to one that takes into account the earth and her inhabitants. In addition, we can be certain to spend our own earnings to support those who are going to be there to care for and rebuild after the pillages of a strike against innocent people.

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Finally, we can use our spiritual strengths to cry out through prayer and send blessings to protect those in harm’s way. This time is a test of human consciousness to put the Oneness that is us first through love, compassion, and awareness. Pray, send love, and ask for miracles of protection for your brothers and sisters being targeted. Do it now. Ask that human consciousness continues to expand and grow higher as important decisions are made for humanity to go forward.

We all have things to do now. Let this work begin with each of us as we grow in our goal of Oneness. May the Holy Source help all of us do what we can to raise the consciousness on this planet.

Some ways we can help today:

  • Communicate your impressions and opinions with your politicians asking them to take positive actions.
  • Share insights with others about the importance of our involvement in the well-being of others.
  • Donate what you can, even small amounts, to reputable non-profit organizations who will do what they can to help those in harm’s way.
  • Advocate for the inclusion of others in systems and networks to protect them (and us) from corruption designed to enrich a few and dominate others.
  • Consider what you and your loved ones have in common with others who are desiring a safe and productive life.
  • Meditate on and pray for the well-being of others.
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Wishing you love and light in the spirit of Oneness!

6 thoughts on “Standing Against Evil in Oneness

  1. Once again a great article of awareness! There is only one problem I see with your site and that it is reaching a minimal amount of people. You might consider sending your writings to major news outlets like, your local paper, The Atlantic, New York Times and other news outlets around the world. T.V. interviews could also reach a greater number of people. Your writings should reach around the world in order to help elevate the consciousness. There are like minded people on every part of the earth who can come together on the platform of Peace and respect for one another. It is a site like this that can make a difference to inspire the world to be respectful and caring humans.


  2. Good Morning Lee ! Great post. Thank you for being a shining beacon in a world that has so much darkness. I am also inspired by your writing.


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