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11 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. What a most wonderful website that provokes one to reflection and continued search of spiritual understanding. One can see that the motivating influence to this site is Love itself. The freedom to express the self and share in its search for understanding of the Oneness will be a most powerful influence for the success of this site.

    I like too that you are not trying to sell programs or such things, that you’re not trying to push any particular philosophy but rather you are just generating motivation for inner reflection.

    No judgments of others expressive thoughts – just nurturing and understanding and the sharing of one’s positivity elevates this site above others. So much thoughtfulness and your experiences through the years has produced an exquisite jewel in these dark times.
    Thanks so much for coming out of your “spiritual cave” to nuture others to discover their own inner Oneness.

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  2. I’m captured with this new blog, Lee. I loved reading all that was there and am filled with gratitude as your gift of writing will bring many together. It’s the antidote to fear from so much unknown to all of us. Mahalo. I smile as I’m reminded of Maria’s Design to Live site and blog . She’s smiling with me.

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  3. I love this new blog and look forward to reading more as it evolves. Inspiration and encouragement on a spiritual journey is always welcomed, especially during these times as you mentioned. Thank you.

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