Welcome to Walking In Oneness

This website and blog are dedicated to sharing ways of finding and nurturing love, balance, and healing during this chaotic time. If you are seeking to find or expand your own unique spiritual and human connection, you will find shared stories, tools, and encouragement. This is not a place where only one belief system or religion is honored. It is a place meant to honor each and every path that can lead to a sense of oneness with all that is. It is a place to help you discover and nurture your uniqueness and gifts.

We all know that our world is very polarized at this time. We’ve somehow lost our ability to trust one another and work together. Many have forgotten the need to care for the earth and its inhabitants. We’ve reached the point where we now have limited time to heal and solve problems both in ourselves and on this planet. Many have stopped walking in oneness. This website, blogs, and shared comments are meant to plant seeds for ways to reconnect with love in the realization that we are truly one.

You may find the ideas, resources, and experiences discussed to be very familiar. On the other hand, some of you might find the subject matter and perspectives to be very different than anything that you’ve previously considered. The hope is that you will enjoy and benefit from the exploration of these important issues. Please know that they are shared with love and humility and not meant to be replacements for your own truths. I believe that there are as many ways to Truth as there are souls.

The heart of the matter is always our oneness with divine spirit, our union with all life.

– Thich Nhat Hanh