Be careful what you ask for! The Universe is listening, and you are likely to get an unexpected answer presented in a way that you have not anticipated! That is how the Walking in Oneness website and blog were born. As one who has been on this earth for a significant time now, I have learned that is how things work. Over the years, there have been some challenging situations resulting from heartfelt, prayerful requests to be shown the reason behind something or asking how I might contribute in some way to serve others. If this is done in a truly authentic and committed way, I believe it becomes a spiritual contract of sorts.

So, in the most humble and prayerful way I know, I dared to ask for a way to make a contribution, even in a small way, to support healing of body, mind, and spirit in these chaotic times. Friends know that I have always been one who tries to avoid controversy and being labeled as “weird.” Admittedly, my intuition and experiences in life have been a bit out of the ordinary in many ways. The fact that some did not share the same perspectives was at first confusing. However, time proved the unusual gifts to be a blessing that I have learned to count on during my life. Thankfully, this has created a sense of wonder in me as well as a willingness to be open-minded about my beliefs and those of others.

“Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.” ~ Leo Buscaglia

My background has been as a college teacher, counselor of adults, writer, mother, and life-long learner. I am not a fan of restrictive rules and dogma that some try, even with good hearts, to impose on others. As fate would have it, since my sincere request to be of service at this time, I have been repeatedly called to come out of my “spiritual closet” and share what I have learned over my lifetime. Yes, that same term was used by more than one individual! Creating a blog was repeatedly suggested as a way to do this, but I did my best to deny a need to do anything so public. However, in time I came to understand that this is a time when we all need to share whatever gifts or tools we have been given to bring more light and love to the world.

We all understand that recent years have been difficult for the planet, climate, and for most living things. We have divided into factions that have to do with fear-based beliefs, politics, and even religious teachings. Families and friends find themselves at odds with one another, even over the most basic matters. Culture wars is now a term that we use to describe the desire for dominance over the ideals, beliefs, and philosophies of others. Anxiety and an inability to sleep are rampant now. We have great concerns about health issues and are having to face the reality of unbelievable numbers of people dying every day. Some of those lost have been our own loved ones. It has been heartbreaking.

The good news is that each of us has the potential to use our gifts and unique way of being in a way that can help others. It does not matter how small or unusual we think our abilities are. I really get this now. So, moving forward I will try to be candid and authentic about my experiences, lessons, and what I believe. My hope is that you will share as well. Seeds planted. Now is the time! That is why this website and blog were created

Finally, I believe with all my being that, if we are not engaged in an effort to live from the perspective of Oneness, we will surely lose our way. In the process, we can also forever lose loving connections that are the foundation of life. We have all been given tremendous opportunity for growth. There has been incredible pain with major challenges to health, finances, emotions, and spirituality experienced in recent times. But we have many resources, many wise teachers, and fine examples of how to live. We are now being called to a higher way of being. We have an opportunity to make major advances in consciousness. This can save us and our earthly home. So onward and upward!

I share this with you with a loving heart and open mind.

Lee Boerner