Celebrating Change

You might be aware that there is a lot of talk about a “shift” that is now occurring in the density of consciousness on this planet. This means that there is a growth change in the collective consciousness of humanity. As a group, we are moving away from a desire to primarily serve ourselves. Instead, we will move into to a higher awareness that increasingly includes a focus on service to others.

Of course, such a shift in consciousness brings some resistance. We are being called to uncover that which no longer works for humanity. This can bring fear of loss as well as uncertainty about the unknown. If you are familiar with the spiritual energies of the chakra system in the human body, this change can be likened to shifting upwards from primarily operating from solar plexus energy (third chakra) with its focus on self, strength, and power. The mass consciousness energy of humanity is now beginning to evolve to a primary focus in heart-centered energy (fourth chakra). The result will be increased healing, balance, harmony, and love in the way humans think and live.

Photo by Siddharth Shrivastav on Pexels.com

This shift in conscious awareness is fantastic news! The result will be more awareness, love and compassion for the challenges and pain faced by others. A kinder, gentler world. It will also include finding more love for ourselves. Self-love, not self-centeredness. Self-love requires us to live in the knowledge of who we truly are. This means we will be more loving of ourselves and others. We will develop a sense of personal boundaries that will no longer accept mental, physical, or emotional abuse of ourselves or others. As we grow into the normality of this type of existence, we will find ways to resolve problems through fairness, empathy, and understanding. The move into this new energy will reveal our true potential for giving and receiving love.

As our individual and collective hearts open, we will be moving towards increasingly bringing aspects of divine love energy to earth and humanity. This will include a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood with even those who think, live, and worship differently than ourselves. Although it is clear that we have not yet reached that level of conscious living, there are reasons to celebrate the beginnings of this awakening process now. Coming to understand and act from an awareness that we are all one is an important part of this shift.

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The good news is that each of us can do a lot to aid in this rising of consciousness. For example, we can watch and change our own thinking with the intention of reversing old tendencies to judge others harshly. This simple action will make a difference in the way we view the world. It can change our experience from one filled with anxiety and fear to one offering hope and understanding. It only requires that we start by observing our habits, feeling our emotions, and stopping harmful patterns of response such as anger, judgement, and vengeful actions.

The social and community chaos that is so clearly present at this time gives all of us a lot of opportunity to practice changing our own responses to disagreement and conflict. The following steps can be useful as we look for ways to stop judging and find ways to work together:

  1. Step back from your emotions and observe the situation.
  2. Recognize the need for change if it is not the way you want to be in the world.
  3. Be grateful for that awareness, and seek to understand reasons for how it happens.
  4. Bless the other(s) involved and ask for the healing of negativity and fear in each of you.
  5. Silently send all parties involved love and energy of Divine light for the highest good of each one of you.
  6. Take these healing steps with love and humility.
  7. Recognize that there is no room for self-righteousness, dishonesty, and service to the egoic self in a new, more loving existence.
  8. Bless others and yourself for finding new ways to live and interact in the world.
  9. Thank the Divine for help with this change process.

“In the end these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you live? How deeply did you let go?”

– Buddha –
Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

This shift in consciousness is something to celebrate! As we experience the change in ourselves and in the world, some of the following can help to focus on supporting and building the rising consciousness:

  • Practice gratitude regularly by listing people and things for which you are grateful (list at least 50).
  • Celebrate joy in your life by listing as many things as you can that make you happy.
  • Discover new ways that help your own healing and ways of dealing with painful issues.
  • Continue your personal evolution by finding new ways to grow intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally.
  • Use helpful methods (such as reframing old perspectives) to let go of fear.
  • Share positive feedback (including smiles) with others.
  • Participate in activities that assist those who are working to improve our world.
  • Celebrate the loving support and spiritual blessings in your life.
  • Recognize and honor the Oneness of humanity, this creation, and all of existence.

Wishing you love and light in the spirit of Oneness!

Welcome to Walking In Oneness

This website and blog are dedicated to sharing ways of finding and nurturing love, balance, and healing during this chaotic time. If you are seeking to find or expand your own unique spiritual and human connection, you will find shared stories, tools, and encouragement. This is not a place where only one belief system or religion is honored. It is a place meant to honor each and every path that can lead to a sense of oneness with all that is. It is a place to help you discover and nurture your uniqueness and gifts.

We all know that our world is very polarized at this time. We’ve somehow lost our ability to trust one another and work together. Many have forgotten the need to care for the earth and its inhabitants. We’ve reached the point where we now have limited time to heal and solve problems both in ourselves and on this planet. Many have stopped walking in oneness. This website, blogs, and shared comments are meant to plant seeds for ways to reconnect with love in the realization that we are truly one.

You may find the ideas, resources, and experiences discussed to be very familiar. On the other hand, some of you might find the subject matter and perspectives to be very different than anything that you’ve previously considered. The hope is that you will enjoy and benefit from the exploration of these important issues. Please know that they are shared with love and humility and not meant to be replacements for your own truths. I believe that there are as many ways to Truth as there are souls.

The heart of the matter is always our oneness with divine spirit, our union with all life.

– Thich Nhat Hanh

What is a belief in Oneness? And why does it matter?

Making life choices with an awareness of Oneness is one of the most important things you can do during your life’s journey. For your life. And for your soul. In short, living with this perspective involves an effort to think and act with awareness of wholeness, unity, and the potential to overcome a limiting belief in duality. Right and wrong, good and bad, me and you. This kind of labeling is no longer used to divide when you are living in Oneness. Instead, there is an increased consciousness that allows for a broader, more inclusive definition of love and compassion. No more assuming that another’s problem is not ours to consider. This is replaced by a desire to understand and help when we can. We then choose to serve others instead of only ourselves.

You can develop the right attitude toward others if you have kindness, love and respect for them, and a clear realization of the oneness of all human beings.

– Dalai Lama

You likely have your own definition of Oneness. This term has been claimed by many, including a wide variety of religions around the world. But this blog site does not intend to represent the view of any specific religious or secular teaching. This blog’s definition of Oneness is meant to include a wider perspective of humankind, the earth, and its inhabitants that includes a broader spiritual energy connection. The concept of all being part of One has the potential to change the way we view and deal with ourselves. It can also change the way we view and understand suffering, abuse, violence, and the exploitation of others and of our planet.

There is now an urgent need for humanity to move into the perspective of Oneness. To survive and thrive, we need to leave behind polarizing, individualistic beliefs that support only service to ourselves. Universal respect and compassionate concern for the welfare of others can rid society of identification with false dividing factors such as identity politics, racial discrimination, and dogma that excludes others.

Limited and distorted perspectives lead to a belief that those who differ from us are wrong or even somehow less human than we are. This is clearly happening in many cultures and societies around the world, including the United States. Holding on to this type of duality has harmed us in so many ways. You may have already experienced deep divisions within communities and even within your own families. Differing perceptions and disagreements about what is true and good have separated us in disturbing ways. We are now afraid that the resultant separation might not allow us to come together to love and solve problems again. Now is the time to focus efforts on new ways of growth, hope, and healing.

We have come to a time and place in our collective evolution where it is imperative that we make an effort to recognize the goodness that exists in others. One positive step is becoming aware of the commonality amongst us. Living in Oneness encourages you to ask yourself what does another love? What do they fear? You remember to put yourself in the other’s place to understand more about what they are experiencing. What might help them?

It is also important to recognize the thoughts and feelings that are your own. What is it that you need? How do you feel misunderstood? How can communication be facilitated in a kind and loving manner despite differences. Go ahead and feel your emotions without getting lost in outdated and blaming belief systems. Identify the changes you can make in your own life to move forward in the consciousness of Oneness.

Love is the recognition of oneness in the world of duality.

-Eckhart Tolle

When I began to develop Walking In Oneness, I asked myself why anyone would care about this subject. The following came forward:

  • It matters because moving along the path of Oneness brings an expansive shift in awareness and consciousness.
  • The awareness of Oneness can lessen the experience of pain and suffering due to the emotions of fear, separation, and denial that are common to a belief in duality.
  • With the knowledge gained from experiencing Oneness, we receive more of the joys, gifts, and support that already exist for us.
  • Finally, without the awareness of Oneness, we cannot open our hearts to fully love others, ourselves, or even our Creator.

The purpose of this blog going forward is to identify and share ways for moving through our lives with a sense of Oneness. Our growing consciousness and the solutions we need right now require us to think in new and different ways. You are encouraged to share constructive experiences that might be helpful to others. We can explore how our own beliefs and experiences found ways to build spiritual connection with others.

Our collective energies can contribute to the healing of the planet. What we think, believe, and do affects others and the world around us. Oneness matters. Whether you believe in God, Source, Buddha, Allah, Shiva, Great Spirit, Christ Consciousness, or the matrix does not matter. We are talking about the Divine energy that is within and around all of us. It connects us. In the end, everything is One. And it is really all about love.